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Here are some frequently asked questions our buyers have when ordering from us!

Oh, it will. If it doesn’t, for whatever reason, we will have insurance with the Post Office and make sure you are refunded. We do require signature confirmation on any order over $350

Absolutely yes. I have shipped coins from ebay to online orders for over 10 years! Every shipment goes out the next business day via USPS Ground Advantage© and you receive tracking in your e-mail the same day. Usually it takes about one to three days if the shipment is within the United States.

Sure do! We just installed a 14 day return no questions asked money back guarantee policy. As long as there is no damage to coin, you will get a 100% money back refund.

Funny you ask! We originally began on Ebay.

So far, we have many happy customers from the past and present. Many of who make a purchase here, and many from the past site and eBay.

A review section will be up soon. Call me if you have questions!

Off and on: A very long time! Over 20 years. Ask the sellers at Long Beach Coin Expo, they all know me well!

Sure do. All over the country! I love to get to meet new people all around the country. I set up at the ANA Money Show in Texas many years ago, Long Beach Expo, and so many other local regional shows I forgot most!! I am on the PCGS Coin Forums as “coinshop” and always guarantee a deal will be made if you bring me the money first!