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1 Gram .999 Fine Silver Mini Coin with Draped Bust


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This stunning 1 Gram .999 Fine Silver Mini Coin puts a literal touch of pure precious metal into the palm of your hand. Featuring the iconic Draped Bust design, this mini silver coin combines artistry, history, and intrinsic value into a pocket-sized collectible treasure.

At just 1 gram of .999 fine silver, this coin offers:

  • A fun fractional pure silver piece for stacking
  • Intricate neoclassical design celebrating American coinage history
  • Compact size for portable collecting or gift giving
  • Limited mintage for greater collectibility

For silver stackers, this mini coin provides a novel way to add to your precious metals portfolio one gram at a time. The classic Draped Bust motif adds collectibility on top of the inherent value of .999 pure silver.

History buffs will appreciate the significance of the Draped Bust design, created by renowned late 18th century engraver Robert Scot. This iconic imagery graced early American coinage starting in 1796.

With its ornate silver craftsmanship condensed into an easy-to-hold size, this coin makes a thoughtful gift. Surprise a loved one with the gift of art, history, and pure precious metal value they can hold in the palm of their hand.

Let this classically designed 1 gram silver mini coin become the newest star of your collection today!