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1942 Rustic Washington Silver 90% Quarter pocket piece dirty!!


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Take a peek into the past with this crusty 1942 Washington silver quarter pocket piece! Oozing with old-world character, this coin has quite the history behind its grimy exterior.

  • Genuine 90% silver 1942 quarter
  • Tarnished and dirt-encrusted surface
  • Unique character from decades of pocket wear

Don’t let the dirt fool you – this coin has serious silver value! Underneath lies a classic 90% silver Washington quarter worth far more than 25 cents. The tarnish and patina add vintage appeal, making this a true one-of-a-kind find.

Whether you’re a coin collector, silver stacker, or history buff, this antique piece deserves a spot in your collection. Let your imagination wander with this rugged relic from the WWII era. Claim a tangible piece of the past today!